My online column: Above the earth, under the sky

I started writing articles on WangSi Newslatter since 2015. I named the column, “Above the earth, under the sky.”  Means my travel traces limited between the sky and the earth, which is quite wide. hahaha 

Thanks to the DEADLINE emails from editor, I gradually accumulated a bit more. Below are the links to article. Update every 2-3 months. Sorry no English translation for now. But I will try to translate the articles pulished here as soon as possible. No deadline for this hahaha.


2015.03.23       行走的招喚

2015.06.29       來自那裡的聲音

2015.06.29       與雪巴族山間記事

2015.09.18        酥油茶與雪巴族人

2015.11.02       【西藏記事(上)】左手建設,右手監管

2016.01.11       【西藏記事(下)】川西少年

2016.03.01       【印度藏區紀錄(上) 】初見苯教

2016.04.25       【印度藏區紀錄(中) 】藏曆新年初體驗

2016.06.06       【印度藏區紀錄(下) 】流亡在達蘭薩拉

2016.10.24        淺嚐巴爾幹(一)保加利亞的人、花與自釀酒

2016.12.05        淺嚐巴爾幹(二)保加利亞的山、山屋與高山湖泊

2017.03.20        淺嚐巴爾幹(三)非典「保加利亞人」在歐洲的處境

2017.05.01        淺嚐巴爾幹(完)馬其頓的鄉村記憶