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I saw a freely fly eagle─is that my imagination?        at Dharamsala, 2016

I have been seeking for something as long as I remember.

I realized I had been seeking for freedom after I traveled.

To find the way to freedom of my mind and body,

I will be the wind that grows the flame, breeze the water,

the wind that strokes your face, passes through this world,

 but leaves no trace.

I will be on the road all along.


From traveling to seeking the meaning of life. I traveled alone, in China, in Nepal, in Himalaya, even to Europe and Central Asia…Been through all the encounters that driving by visible and invisible waves, again I back from seeking the meaning of life to traveling… They’re both cause and effect, an endless circle, mutually beget each other. 

So where is the freedom? In the footprints of the wind. Without your noticing, part of me is in the Himalaya; part of me is in the Gesang flowers you once touched; part of me is in the wind that blew through the monastery on the hilltop; part of me, is in stars that you once made wishes. Do you remember the rhododendron blossomed on your way home? I’m there.

Wind of freedom, never ended.

Lin Tzu Yu       Traveler/ Mountain guide/ Author 

The days on the way are brilliant. Those days slip in my chest, slowly to the throat, which make me hard to breath. I can only choose to write it down. Dig out the memories, sort out and reconstruct, then my heart feel steady and peace through the process. 

Having some indescribable affects toward mountains, also to Tibetan culture. I just kept walking, and suddenly I am in Himalaya.



Founder of Wind of Freedom studio/ BMC at Nehru institute of mountaineering/ Trekking and traveling in Himalaya/ Tibet/ Travel column in Frontier Newsletter/ Eurasia Travel   


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